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Press play and enjoy fuckers.


At first I’m just like “it’s fucking clapping, I don’t ca-” and then he began to sing and I took in such a deep breath my uncle had to make sure I was ok.

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stuff i say while competing

Opening motions: stay-fucking-tight
Opening tumbling: where's dat inhaler
First stunt: you better hit I'm not holding you up there for nothing!
Jumps: curse you long legs
Baskets: oooooh there she goes, shit shit shes coming back she's coming back
Tumbling: be prepared to die.
One mans: hey flyer I'm holding you by myself
Pyramid: y'all better hit your shit because mine is solid as a rock
Dance: twerk. twerk. fierce. wink. motions. seat roll. smile. lift someone up. twerk. twerk. pose.